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Blessed to have grown up listening to jazz, rock and country greats, Jim started playing percussion in his high school band. Although music was a side interest during his college years, he developed some skills on drum set then, playing in various college music groups and his own pop/rock trio.

After a long pause while serving in the US Navy and helping to raise a family, he got involved in a “hobby band” playing big band jazz for a couple of years before joining a country band playing traditional country music and contemporary ’80s and ‘90s country. It was during this time that he became a “singing” drummer.

Soon after moving to Austin in 2000, he searched out country bands, looking for opportunities to play and learn (and maybe get paid a little). He played on the same stages as some of the best players in Austin and those experiences taught him a lot about playing and the music business.

Jim has been playing consistently with several variations of a “Glen Collins Band” since 2003 and has  been the drummer for The Alibis since they formed up around 2009. During that time he has also played as a substitute and regular drummer/vocalist with the popular Austin band “The Stardusters, and Paul Schlesinger’s “Knights of Texas Swing”.

Jim became an Honorary Member of the Gatesville Country Music Hall of Fame in 2012.Type your paragraph here.